First Actual Day


你们好! Hey y’all!

So it’s 8:30 PM here on Thursday. That means it’s 6:30 AM Thursday for you guys. Today was our first full day in China. I’d say it went fairly well. After waking up about 4 in the morning and then going back to sleep until about 8:30 (at which time I was still tired), we slowly started our day. The shower was actually hot this morning although as expected the water pressure was little to none. First we went and registered with the College of International Education. We are now thrice insured (by our parents, by OU, and by Minzu…yay), have a placement test tomorrow at 8:30 AM, and must be sure to leave the country by August or face fines and deportation.

Next we went to find food. We walked up and down the street outside the East Gate (东门儿). We basically chose a restaurant based on if the pictures of the food looked appetizing. We ordered 马兰炒面 and 马兰炒饭 which is Malan fried noodles and Malan fried rice. Not sure what Malan is. Probably an area where they cook the food that way or something. The rice tasted like Chinese fried rice (which is different and in my opinion, better than American Fried rice). The noodles looked spicy so I was skeptical. But they actually ended up tasting kind of like spaghetti…Not bad, but not what I was expecting. I have a picture but I am too tired and stupid to figure out how to upload it right now.

We went to the ATM again and got more money to pay our rent. Trying to get the lady at the front desk to understood that we wanted to pay was fun…I think we felt stupid at least 6 times today. Once at lunch, paying rent, the grocery store, and three times getting dinner.

We came back to the dorm to see if we could find a map with a grocery store. There is a campus supermarket but it didn’t look open, which could be because classes haven’t officially started yet. Ours start Monday and then Chinese’s start the 27th, so maybe nothing will open until then.

We went out the back side of the campus and finally found a supermarket North of us. We got some essentials like toilet paper, detergent, soap, and tissue. We also got pillows, hangers, a hair dryer, and some drinks (iced coffee, apple juice, coke, and water). We spent about 200ish kuai each…which is about $35. So not bad. Carrying it back was a pain. It was about a 15 minute walk with all of our crap. Then we came back and took a nap about 3 and reluctantly woke up at 6:30 to go find more food. We went out the West Gate this time, which we discovered on our trip to the grocery store had more promising food places (meaning they looked more sketchy by American standards, which here indicates cheap and delicious). We found 包子, 鸡蛋炒面, and 奶茶。That’s steamed buns with meat in the middle (we got beef), egg fried noodles, and milk tea (with boba) which totaled 16 kuai or about $2.50. We didn’t even finish the noodles (neither of us has much of an appetite yet I guess) but hopefully the microwave downstairs works so we can eat them later.

Now I’m off to sleep. Hopefully I don’t completely fail my placement test. >.< There’s an oral part too in the afternoon. Ick.


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  1. Reblogged this on Musings of a Middle School Arts Teacher and commented:
    This brilliant young woman is a product of Tulsa Public Schools. I am so proud to know her. She refers to feeling stupid in her blog but she is, after all, sleep deprived and speaking Chinese. This kind of cultural exchange is only one of a dozen reasons we should encourage language learning outside the primary language. Enjoy Kendall’s adventures in China!

  2. …by which I mean you should bring me all of the food. Being food would be rather unpleasant. Also, you should keep up this nap-eat-nap-eat-nap way of life. It sounds like the best way to go about things.

  3. I think you should just wait around and get deported. Then you’ll have a kick ass story about how you got deported from China. 😀 Then again, it might look bad on your criminal record… (I’m assuming it would go on there)

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